Sunday, March 28, 2021

This is from this morning. I had to double check the time, but it was 4:15. I thought I had overslept and the sun was coming up….LOL the joke was on me.

Soak Off

I found this ^^^ last week and it’s awesome. Removed polish, glue, etc. in seconds. Just put it in a small cup and soak my nails for about 10 seconds, then wipe off. Best stuff ever!!

Healthy Hoof

I also found Healthy Hoof on line. I used to use this many, many years ago. It wasn’t found in the store, but I found it on Amazon.

Healthy Hoof Intensive Protein Treatment

While I was searching I also found this ^^^. It does wonders for my poor dry, over-washed hands.

Still no 5 Minute Glam Nails. Maybe next week when my fingers and hands stop cracking.

My heel is still giving me hell. Every morning I put on something to help or fix it and it feels great for a while. By two or three PM the pain comes back with force. I finally gave up and got an appointment to have my foot looked at on the 8th next month. I have two issues with my foot. The heel and the bunion. I put inserts under the heel which lifts my foot up and pushes the bunion to the front of my shoe which puts more pressure on it and causes more pain. Usually I go barefoot at home to stop the bunion pain after work. I can’t do that now because my heels hurts like hell when I’m barefoot.

It was pork and gravy kind of day today.

I cubed up a pork loin and browned it in some bacon grease.

I added all these goodies plus a couple of bay leaves and cooked them down slowly. I also made chicken salad on the side. That will take care of my for the week.

I cancelled a hair appointment last week. I’m thinking of growing my hair out a bit. Hopefully I’ll get past the stage were it gets on my nerves and I get it wacked off.

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