Royal Princess Tree, Thugs, Weed Farting Gnome? 8/20/17

The Royal Empress Tree, formally know as the large bush, is growing like crazy in such a short time.

April 17th, 2018

July 4th 2018
August 18th 2017
 I had to cut it back because it was starting to cover the front door.
A couple of days ago my son was telling me that our neighbor had told him that there were some strange characters walking around our neighborhood, late at night.  The neighbor next door to us had left her car unlocked and someone got in it and went
 through her stuff.

I just hate the thought of someone going through our cars or breaking into them.  It’s not exactly lit up at night around her.

I decided to order two more solar lamps for the front yard.  I already have one by the front door.  It’s sensor driven but only close to the front door.

This is what I got:  Litom Bright 54 LED Solar Power Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor Solar Lights
They are super bright and have lit up even after four days without sunlight. 

I got the lamps yesterday.  Then it was time to figure out a way to install them without offending or HOA.

I removed the water from the bird bath and filled it with five dollars worth of small rock from the dollar store.  Then I set the light on it.

This one I rigged up on some kind of flower pot holder that I got from my mom’s

I took this photo at 4:30 this morning.  It’s bright as all get up.  Walking down the sidewalk will turn all three on, one at a time lighting up our cars.  I hope that this will deter someone from messing with our stuff.

Doesn’t it look like my mooning gnome is farting weeds?

This is one of two Duvet covers I bought last month.  I have been using the Duvet and taking it to the laundry mat, for their huge washers, every month.  This has really become a pain in my rear.  

All these years I could not find a cover to fit it.  Just last month I found out that you actually have to measure your duvet because the covers come in different dimension.

I had no idea.  All this time I thought that a twin was a twin, full was a full, and a king was a king….all the same size.

I measured mine and found out it was 90″ by 90″.  I ordered one in that size and amazingly it fit.  
Right away I ordered a second one.  At $9.99, why not?

I’m such a happy woman.  No more taking the duvet 
to the laundry mat.

After I rigged up my front yard with lights yesterday, 
I seasoned up a ton of chicken thighs and some pork chops 
and put them on the grill.

After they were cooked, I let them cool and put them in 
one serving containers.

With a salad, this will take care of next week’s lunch.
Nothing much else to write about.
Lots of stress, self-inflicted, because I did something I knew was going to bite me in my ass. I’m getting too old for this, but what’s done is done.  I’ll have to deal with it.
I’m doing a lot of stress eating, but haven’t gained my weight back.  Good thing too, because I got rid of all my large clothes.
Oh well, maybe it will get easier next month.  I can only hope.


Front yard….rocks, rocks and lots of rocks 7/4/17

I swear this is the last time I’m going to move these rocks.  I was out in the backyard at 7 this morning, picking up rocks and putting them in buckets.

The front yard was looking shitty, and I think that the company that cuts the grass put poison on the flowers that I was trying to grow.  I’m tired of messing with it, so this was my project for today.

I picked up every rock that I could dig up, knowing that I did not want to spend any money on bags of rocks.  I had my fingers crossed that I would have enough for what I wanted to do.

This is my new homemade tool.  A bent up grilling fork.  It works great for loosening up the dirt.  It also works perfectly for digging up weeds.

First I tore up cartons that I had saved last week and put them down to slow down the weed growth.
Then I topped that with buckets and buckets of rocks from the backyard.

I like it!  It turned out better than I thought and I did end up having enough rocks.

The Royal Empress tree is growing like crazy

Ferns from my mom’s house are growing pretty fast too.

A few minutes ago, T-Jay used the electric saw to cut up the rest of them Maple tree.  I will keep putting it in the trash can until it’s all gone.  It shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks, and then I’ll finally have the backyard back to normal.

I’m thinking about hooking up the power washer to blow all that dirt from around the roots of that Maple tree.  If I can get them exposed enough, I’ll be able to cut them off so that I will finally have a somewhat level walkway.

Well, it was an idea.   I guess my power washer isn’t powerful enough.

I’ll have to figure out another way to dig that root up.  Oh, well, that’s for another day.  I’m pooped and am going to take a shower and relax for the rest of the day.