Living Room Project 11/20/2012

I filled in a gazillion little and not so little holes in the living room walls yesterday.

No, it doesn’t stay pink.  When it dries completely, it turns white.

After I paint over those spots, I’ll paint over these missed areas on the floor boards.  Reminder, never ask someone else to do the work if they don’t really give a lovely shit.  Do it yourself!! Rat Bastard!

After that is done, it’s time to do something about this butt ugly concrete floor. 🙂

It’s all dry this morning.



It sure is hard to get motivated to finish  a project when you never have a whole day off.

I have two chases to take care of this morning.  I was hoping to get a few more, but since Thursday is Thanks Giving Day, I won’t hold my breath.  I probably won’t have anything else until next week.

I finished the Hoodie/Scarf yesterday.

I’m going to take it to mom’s and ask her to put it in the washer and then the dryer, since my dryer kicked the bucket many months ago.  I’m hoping that the dryer will soften up the yarn.  The type of yarn I used made the Hoodie/Scarf a bit stiff and not as soft as I was hoping.

Thursday is one of my 4 days off this year, whoohoo.  I’ll be spending it with my mom and step-dad.  Then Friday it’s back to work.

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