Change of Scenery 10/16/2012

While driving to Woodbridge to chase a car, I noticed how beautifully the trees are changing their color. I was so busy looking that I almost went through a red light.



Writing and uploading my report is a bit long-winded today, since I’m using my iPad instead of my computer. Luckily I have a gadget for my camera so that I can upload the photo to my iPad.

LOL a 5-minute report turned into 44 minutes. One of the websites won’t let me upload more than one photo from my iPad, so I’ll have to email the photos to myself and then upload them from work. So much for not needing my laptop. 🙂

I am taking the laptop to work this afternoon. Chuck, our resident guru the magnificent, is going to poke around in it to see what is wrong. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

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