Tuesday 11.15.2011

After adding some salmon and avocado, below is what I ended up with yesterday.
I forgot to mention yesterday that that blob on the upper right corner of the pan is frozen chicken stock.
A couple of weeks ago I saw this gadget at the store.  Yesterday, after burning my fingers just one too many times, I went back and bought it.

No more pot holders, that I always forget, for me!

I should have waited for Kymber, because at first I put this sticky mess on some napkins.  Then after she mentioned towels, I picked the seeds out of that sticky mess and transfered them to a towel.  I’m still digging out small pieces of paper napkin.
I think I put them in a cat proof area.  High up on a shelf. 🙂
I bought a jar of Kimchi at the store the other day.  Last time I bought a jar, it was delicious, but this time not so much.  It was too sour and just too hot.  I think I will make my own next time.  Hopefully next week.  I think I already found the perfect recipe.
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