New Computer And Almost Getting Back To Normal 10/19/2012

….what ever normal is.

I started setting up the new computer last night.  Since it came with Windows 7, I decided to install Ubuntu along with it and not destroy Windows.  Installation went well, but I had issues with the second monitor.  Until I get that worked out, I’ll be using Windows 7.

I’ve spent all morning protecting and updating  Windows, installing Chrome, Firefox,  Malwarebytes, Avast!, Secunia PSI, and CCleaner.   It’s been a few years since I have had a Windows machine, so I’ll have to research to see if there is new, free,  unbloated software to protect this system.

You’d figure that an Acer laptop and an Acer Monitor would play well together….but no.  I couldn’t get to show easy on the eyes, so I went into the shed and got out the Samsung monitor and all is well now.  Go Figure!

While I’m doing all this work…..Silly is hanging out in her cat “condo”

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