It’s time for a project to….

….keep my hands busy.  Actually, it’s the first step to a larger project, but I don’t want to talk about it yet.  Don’t want to jinx it. 🙂
I have a large container of left over of yarn, that’s taking up space.    I used to use the yarn to make Door Stays.
We would put these in our doors at car shows to deter random people from getting into our cars.
I’m about to use all that yarn to make curtains to cheer up my bedroom.  I hope that they won’t be too heavy to hold up.  I forgot how fascinated pussies are with yarn.  This is going to be interesting.
I’ve got one car chase that’s due tomorrow.  I’m putting it off since it’s way out in Dale City and am hoping that I will get another one sometime today in the same area or on the way.
I’ve been boil free for over a week.  Turmeric and Vick’s VapoRub saved me again.
It was 30 degrees when I got up this morning.  Inside it was a nice 68 degrees and the heater was off.  Bubble wrap rocks!!!! 🙂
After much head scratching and loud cursing, I finally figured out how to move the page elements.  You can’t move them. 🙂  You have to delete the existing ones at the bottom of the page and totally start over from scratch by putting them in the new column. Thank goodness for copy and paste….this could have taken me all day.


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