Road Trip to Charlottesville and Harrisonburg, VA

I received a call from a client on Thursday night asking if I would be willing to do 8 insurance inspections slightly out of my area.  LOL….way out of my area.  He said I only needed to take two photos of each property, but if I took more that would be great.  He just didn’t know that I always lose control and end up with a ton of photos.
I started out early yesterday morning since I knew I would be driving for over 5 hours.  First stop was at a gas station to fuel up and check my tire pressure.  I intended to buy a spare tire to keep in the back seat last week, but of course,I got side tracked with other stuff and never got around to buying it.
With this in the back of my mind, I pulled up to the air machine.  I noticed that it was free, how swell is that???  It also had a dial on it where you can adjust it to the amount of air you want in your tires and after they are full, it turns off automatically.  I remember thinking what a nice idea that was.
So here I am filling up my front tire and it does not shut off.  I couldn’t imagine being that low in air for it to keep pumping for five minutes.  I disconnected the hose and got out my trusty digital air gauge, put it on and saw that I had 59 freakin’ pounds of air in that tire.  WTF???  Thought it was supposed to shut off when it got to 33 pounds!!!!  So here I am letting air OUT of my tire…..back down to 33 pounds.
It took me another half hour to adjust the other three. Time was ticking and I needed to get going, but I went to talk to the person behind the counter inside the station and told her that the machine was broken.
Then I finally hit the road.


I love going the back roads and try to avoid interstates if at all possible.  It is so relaxing for me and I could just keep driving until I get sleepy.  Pull over and spend the night somewhere.  The next day start all over again.
I finished 6 inspections in Charlottesville and it was time to go to Harrisonburg.  I had intended to go back the way I came, but the night before my friend Elaine had invited me to eat at T-Bone Tooters in Churchville, where she works at.  After putting the address into Mapquest I saw that it was only about 6 minutes out of the way and so I accepted her invite and headed that way.
I met Elaine through her husband Jeremy.  He owns a Scion xB and is a member of our NoVA chapter of Scion Evolution.  We have been meeting up at car shows, member’s parties and get-togethers for the past couple of years and I hadn’t seen Elaine since Kenny and Cyndi’s Labor Day party.
LOL…Elaine is the only woman that I know that is busier than I am.  She has three children age 2, 4, and 6.  She works at T-Bone Tooters and at a nursing home……and she sells Tupperware.  Somehow she always keeps a smile on her face 🙂

After taking me on a grand tour of T Bone Tooters, I had my lunch of a BBQ sandwich with slaw and onion rings and the most awesome dessert of home made apple dumpling with two scoops of vanilla ice cream that had to be totally illegal.  Needless to say, I didn’t eat anything else all day.
LOL….Benny, one of the owners told me that this is a Deerwolf
I hope I get to come by again when I have more time.  I’d love to sit there all day. Everyone is so friendly. Customers are greeted by name.  Great family atmosphere 🙂  Thanks for taking such good care of me, Elaine!!!
After getting my goodbye hugs, it was time to head on over to Harrisonburg for my last two inspections.
At 2:30 I was on my way to work at Miller’s in Manassas.  The weather was getting pretty crappy and it was starting to rain.
I would have loved to been able to take some photos while I was driving through the Shenandoah National Park, but it was raining really hard and I had somebody in a Dodge truck riding my ass.  I was hoping that he had good brakes and that I wouldn’t become his new hood ornament.  Rat Bastard!!
I made it back to Manassas 20 minutes before I was supposed to start work.  Just enough time to stop and grab a fresh cup of coffee.  I drove right at 300 miles that day.
When I got to work I couldn’t wait to get on the computer.  Guy had e-mailed me hours ago that Heather had written me a letter on her blog.  First thing that came to my minds was: “Shit!  I’m in trouble.”  Well, when I did get to her blog I busted out laughing so hard that tears were rolling down my face.  Luckily I had nothing in my mouth to spit on the monitor.   Thanks, Heather! 🙂
Damn, this is a long post!!!  That’s what I get for slacking!!!
When I got home last night I spent another hour and a half uploading photos from the inspection…..all 101 of them.  Then off to bed so that I could go back to work at Millers this morning.
After work tonight I did a car chase in the dark.  Didn’t enjoy that one bit.  It’s really hard to find and read house numbers at night. 😦
Tomorrow I have one commercial inspection and six car chases all over northern Virginia.  I already told Wilber that I might be very late getting to work or might not be able to make it at all tomorrow.
After I finish uploading my paperwork tomorrow night I’m going to hopefully catch up on all the blogs. 🙂


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