Ist Doch Nicht So Schlimm

I have to admit that the counties in my area are doing a pretty good job with the incoming snow.  Yesterday morning the trucks had been out pre-treating the streets with salt, chemicals, and sugar beet syrup (to help make it stick to the asphalt and concrete)




It was supposed to start snowing around midnight, but it started on my way home.  This morning it didn’t  look all that bad when I poked my head out of the door.  I might be close to an inch worth of new snow.  LOL…notice the Evil Twin is not parked near my door this time……just in case 🙂



Here is my pussy watching me work….


I’ve been a member of the Windows Secrets for many, many years when it was still Fred Langa’s newsletter.  Yesterday I finally got my link to their new forum.  They had been rolling it out slowly since early December.   While I was at work I had a chance to go look at it and found a few things that I needed.  If you are interested in poking around in there, here is a link to Windows Secrets Lounge.   LOL…..there is something for everyone……..


I just received a chase for Sunday in Woodbridge.  I’ll take care of that one and then head up to my Mom and Pop’s to see them and my sister and hubby.  Sunday is my first day off in a good while….well, kind of.  I might get more chases tonight and tomorrow.

No luck in finding the cable for the Garmin…..maybe it’s in the Evil Twin.  If I had half a brain these days, that’s where I would put it.


7 thoughts on “Ist Doch Nicht So Schlimm”

  1. Hey! My German speking ancestors showed up!I could translate the post title!Thanks for making me feel all smart and bilingual : )

  2. Joe…me too. I also love to watch pick up things. :)I might be bragging too soon….they'll run outo of monies due to the massive job they had to do a couple of weeks ago.

  3. I just love the way cats sit with their 2 feet placed so carefully together.I wish the local councils here in the UK were better about removing snow from the roads!

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