First Real Snow This Year….

and Donna sent it from up her way. 🙂
I spent a whole 2 and a half hours at work before I asked T-Jay to start coming my way to pick me up. 
The poor Evil Twin didn’t even make it up in Millers lot.
I had to get out twice to push due to getting stuck.  Good thing home is less than a mile away.  For some reason we have to have hills in our subdivision, WTF?  We got stuck twice.
We just made it home and….
….aren’t going anywhere any time soon!
Even though it does look beautiful, I’m more than ready for some 70 degree weather.


10 thoughts on “First Real Snow This Year….”

  1. Guy….I wish that every time I pass by it. A guy a couple of streets down bought it. The 700 buck a month note usually stops my drooling.

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