Kabotcha Seeds and not getting my Fingers Burnt anymore 11.15.2011

After adding some salmon and avocado, below is what I ended up with yesterday.
I forgot to mention yesterday that that blob on the upper right corner of the pan is frozen chicken stock.
A couple of weeks ago I saw this gadget at the store.  Yesterday, after burning my fingers just one too many times, I went back and bought it.


No more pot holders, that I always forget, for me!


I should have waited for Kymber, because at first, I put this sticky mess on some napkins.  Then after she mentioned towels, I picked the seeds out of that sticky mess and transferred them to a towel.  I’m still digging out small pieces of paper napkin.
I think I put them in a cat proof area.  High up on a shelf. 🙂
I bought a jar of Kimchi at the store the other day.  Last time I bought a jar, it was delicious, but this time not so much.  It was too sour and just too hot.  I think I will make my own next time.  Hopefully next week.  I think I already found the perfect recipe.

4 thoughts on “Kabotcha Seeds and not getting my Fingers Burnt anymore 11.15.2011”

  1. spagettini is like really thin spagetti – teehee – sorry for that! i will send you the recipes through email….and ya – they are called invisible noodles because you can see through them…and they are deelish! email coming in the morning dear heart!your friend,kymber

  2. Kymber….lol crazy squash stuff. What in the hell is Spagettini?The gadget saved my hands plenty of times today. I've got it hanging on a hook right by the toaster oven so I won't forget. I don't even know what it's called, it was all in another language.Yep, I think the sticky mess is going to be okay. I picked them out of the towel and put them in a basket for now.Yes, please do give me your recipes…see through noodles?Hugs,Tango

  3. oh man – we JUST ate some spagettini with a delicious meat sauce and are stuffed to the gills…like we are in pain from eating sooo much! and you put up a post with a pic of THAT food! now i want to go and make your crazy squash stuff and salmon! and i can't breathe i am sooo full! but that pic of your meal is to die for!that gadget looks great – but i would forget to use it even more than i forget to use the dang pot holders!!!your sticky mess looks just fine. and will do just fine. leave them for about 7-10 days, depending on how dry it is at your place, and they will be fine. alot of "experts" say you have to do this or that – but that has not been my experience. once they are completely dry, put the seeds in a brown paper bag and before rolling it up – whisper "i love you" – i swear that it has worked every time for me!lastly – do you want my kimchi recipe? and please remember that i did 3 years of military language school – in KOREAN! my Korean teacher was wonderful. and she gave me her family's recipe for proper kimchi (with nappa cabbage – she also gave me recipes for kimchi using white radish, rutabaga and see-through noodles). there is nothing so good for us as kimchi. if the kimchi you bough was too sour and too hot, it might have been left to ferment too long. and it all depends on your own taste buds. anyway buddy, comment long enough…get back to me.your friend,kymber

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