Chasing Stuff In Springfield, VA 10/10/2012

Didn’t I promise myself I wouldn’t chase anything in the Springfield area again?   What was I thinking???   …..but NOOOOO, I had to accept an assignment there!

My day started out awesomely.  I chased a car in Catharpin and one in Centreville and everything was going fine.  Then I had to drive to Springfield to an address off of Rolling Rd.   Garmin GPS screwed up the directions and so did the map applications I had on my iPhone.   They kept on telling me to make right turns where there were none.  It took me over an hour to find it.  I could see the area I needed to be in, but due to the changes in Rolling Rd, I couldn’t find a way to get there.  I almost gave up.

I got home just in time to upload photos and reports, throw something in my stomach and then it was time to go to work at Miller Toyota.  What a screwed up day.

Next time one of my clients calls me about doing a job in Springfield, I hope I remember this day!!!

Oh and then to top that off, I got cursed out by a four-year old that lives across the street.  I wanted to wring his parent’s neck!!!  …but for some reason they weren’t camped out at their front door with all their friends and family talking loud today.  Rat Bastards!  Maybe they all got a job?

I can’t wait to get away from here!

Okay….end of rant!


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