Re-Installing Ubuntu Operating System 12/11/2012

As you can see I had computer issues.  Two days ago my computer started acting strange and the monitors were flickering.  Me always expecting the worse, thought that the laptop had finally kicked the bucket.

Computers are strange animals.  Sometimes, especially if you only kind of know what you’re doing, you have to try different things until you find something that works.  Meanwhile I had the other machines to help me out.  Between the iPhone and iPad I tried to find information to help me, but since I did not get an error message, there was not much to look up.  At least I was able to check my email for work.

It also helps if you have a shit load of operating systems, USB and CD versions, lying around the house.  If one won’t load, try another.

I did get a fresh installation of Ubuntu going.  It took a whole 14 minutes.

Updates, 421 of them took 23 minutes.  Not bad at all.  Much better than re-installing windows.

When I was running Windows, I used to dread having to re-install it.  It usually took most of the day to get it back to the way I needed it to be.

I’m so glad not to have to go through that anymore…, love, love Linux bases operating systems. 🙂


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