Yellow Fingernails 11/13/2012

Can you guess what I’ve been doing this morning by my yellow fingernails?


Here’s a hint.


I was getting low on Turmeric capsules.   I take it everyday.   Since I refuse to pay the high prices of the already encapsulated Turmeric at the store and since I’m never 100% sure what’s really in them, I make my own.  I buy organic Turmeric by the pound.

This morning, this is what my back yard looks like.


My tree is almost buck naked.


I’m thinking that I should make a doctor’s appointment.  No, I’m not sick.  I feel awesome.  Maybe I should have them look at the list of things that I’ve been in to see them for and let them know that all my issues are gone, thanks to LDN?  I went to see them again and again for boils.  I went to see them for that weird thing on my jawbone and for the never-ending pain in my elbows due to bone spurs.  Do bone spurs disappear by themselves?  Maybe they would reconsider writing a prescription?  Maybe I should tell them that I have an alcohol problem so that they will prescribe Naltrexone and I can make my own LDN?  I know of a lady that did this.  She ended up getting mail from her insurance company telling her to get into rehab.  If I were to do this, I would not have my insurance pay for it, that’s for sure.


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