Rainy Monday 04/20/2009

It’s pouring down over here. I wish I would have known that it would rain this hard, I would have moved my car to gravel. I hope I can get out of here today.

Yesterday was a long one. 5 inspections covering, Lignum, Madison, Partlow, Locust Grove, and Manassas totaling 203 miles.

One of the customers in Madison was very hard of hearing (I think) or on massive amounts of drugs. I had the hardest time making her understand what I was there for.

Her next door neighbor was having a yard sale and was very chatty, so she helped me fill in the blanks about her neighbor.

While we were talking I looked at her stuff. She had this very old wooden table with the top sides extending and big wooden wheels on one end and small clear plastic wheels on the other end….perfect for my tiny home. I told her I would take it if it fit on my back seat along with the printer, tools, office, and wheel measure. It barely fit, but I got it home. She was trying to talk me into getting this really nice love seat, but I explained to her about my tiny home and that I would have to remove something in order to add anything to my home.

When I got home, I unscrewed my table from the floor for the third time. I can’t seem to make up my mind on what kind of table I want there, but I think this is it. Just right for my laptop and my gazillion gadgets hooked up via USB.

Maybe I’m having a hard time deciding what I want in this space because it’s really the only area that I can modify without too much trouble since everything is attached to the floor…..unless I decide to tackle the ugly hide-a-bed which is also screwed to the floor. In the back of my mind, I’m wondering how long this travel trailer will last, living in it 24/7. This is another reason why I don’t want to modify it too much….just in case I have to sell it one day.

I learned my lesson in modification with my first Scion xB. I had added so much stuff to it where it was too personal to get a decent selling price. It would have helped if I was not so mechanically challenged and able to take all the extras off to put it back to stock. Oh well, I did get enough money from THAT box to buy another box to live in.

I sold my first Scion xB last August to buy this tiny home to a man in Annandale. Last week he had it on eBay starting at $5,000 and sold it on Saturday for $8,600. It was so sad to watch my baby gone again. The man had removed all the good stuff….the turbo, sound system, wheels, and dual custom exhaust. If I ever run into some play money again, I will turbo the xB that I still have. I really miss the power, especially going uphill.

Below are my favorite photos of “Lexy”…..may she rest in peace.


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