Ripping and Running…04/24/2009

….it’s been a busy week.

Yesterday, for the second time this week I drove over two hundred miles doing inspections. I was chasing a Time Share owner, an Infinity, a Neon, and a Ferrari.

It’s amazing how much the landscape has changed in the last couple of weeks…from dreary brown to beautiful, cheerful greens, pinks, and yellows. I wish I had time to stop every view miles and just take pictures. Maybe I should take my other camera just for that. It would just get too confusing if I took none inspection related pictures on the same camera since taking pictures of the customer’s homes, mailboxes etc. are my only proof that I was there and that’s how I get paid.

I seem to get busier and busier as more people can’t pay their notes. I’m now up to 7 companies nationwide that I do the inspections for. In the beginning, I registered with 27 companies and most of the assignments were in California. Now there are more and more companies expanding into my area.

Every couple of days I’m being asked if I might be going to Kentucky or West Virginia and able to do some inspections there. If I didn’t have my part time gig in the evenings, I sure would take them up on it. They must not have many inspectors in those areas.

Time to do my research. I have a few inspections for today and probably have some more by noon.


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