Saturday Dragging Slower Than Molasses 04/25/2009

When it’s slow for me at work it makes me crazy.

I’ve already done everything that can be done ahead of time and now I can just wait for the phone to ring and more cars being sold so that I’ll have more work to do.

Some people can stretch two hours of work into eight hours and complain about not having enough time to finish their work.

I’m not a phone person, so I can’t waste time hanging on the phone with personal calls. I’ve read up on all the blogs that I keep track of, checked the weather for tomorrow, made myself a route from home tomorrow to my inspection sites, researched the customers that I’m inspecting, answered e-mails.

It’s 4:33 PM and I’ve got until 7 PM.

What’s probably not helping any is that lately, it takes me over an hour to go to sleep. It’s strange, I never had that problem before. Now I’m yawning like crazy, tears coming out of my eyes. I go to bed and then I can’t get my brain to shut up. That’s when I’m tempted to get up again, but the alarm will go off in a few hours. 😦
So I toss and turn a while longer until I finally doze off.

Of course, I feel like crap in the morning.

Oh, maybe it will be better tonight. Might have to stop somewhere for a couple of hooks of Grey Goose to relax my nerves. Oh crap…nevermind…I’ve been riding around with an empty propane bottle in the back of my car for two weeks. I’d better get it filled tonight while there is no mud in my front yard and while I still have enough in the other bottle for hot water.

Tomorrow is going to be pretty crazy since I’m going to Maryland for two inspections and then another two in Virginia.
Sorry, Teri….I was hoping that I could relieve you of some steak and pistachio ice cream. 😦

Before I forget….the picture at the top was posted on our Scion Evolution forum by Terry. LOL…he took it on his way to work on Rt. 28 one morning a couple of weeks ago.

Have a safe and beautiful weekend everyone!!!


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