Home Sweet Home, Tattoo, Car Show in Crofton, MD 08/05/2009


Every day when I get home if feels like my heart is going to burst. It is so good to live in the woods. Just looking at my little home and the surrounding yard relaxes me. Ha, even my tiny home relaxes me since it’s so easy to take care of. It is so quiet and peaceful. LOL…I found out that crickets do go to sleep.

On the 6th of next month, Kenny and Cyndi are giving the 2nd annual Labor Day party here and this yard will be filled with Scion owners. I can’t wait. The day is getting closer. It will be awesome to see and spend time with my SE family again. It has been way too long!

I haven’t figured out what I’m bringing to the event yet. Anybody have any ideas for something I can cook in my tiny kitchen?

This coming Sunday is the Scion Show of Champions at the Capitol Raceway, Crofton, Maryland. Last year I got my second tattoo on that day. LOL, I wonder what I’ll come home with this year….no, no more tattoos. 

Yes….it hurts!


Last year, Chris Rado was there to sign autographs. He’s a really down to earth guy and talked to us for the longest. 🙂

If I don’t get any car chases in, I will try to make it to this one. I haven’t been out in so long!  

If I do get some car chases on Friday, I will try to do them after work. I just hope that they will be local since I get off at 7 PM.


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