Memories of my trip to California 08/04/2009





^^^^ I was going through 600+ photos of my drive to California two years ago. Good times. It was nice to finally meet some of my SE family face to face, that I had met on the forum. 

If I had the money and the time, I’d go again this year. I love road trips 🙂


^^^^^Congrats go to Cyndi, Kenny’s wife, who will be the proud owner of a brand spanking new Scion xB sometime tonight. Driving into our yard is already like a Scion commercial. Now there will be a tC, xA, xB 1st Gen, and xB 2nd Gen parked here.

I’m going to the dealership early today because of the Cash for Clunkers craziness.
Last night was pretty wild and I got out of there super late. I had a bunch of sticky notes with sales calls on them and just not enough sales people to give them a callback. I even made up a signup sheet for people walking in the door.

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