Rain, Rain, Please Go Away and Chairs 11/12/2009

It’s been raining none stop for two days and there will be no sunshine until possibly Sunday.  I don’t do rain too well.  It’s depressing and I hate driving in it because of the glare issue that I have.  Good thing I got all the straw covered before it started. 🙂
I’ve been busy looking on Craigslist on a good deal for one of these.
poang chair Poang stool
Actually, I need to look at these in person in the IKEA store to make sure they are not too large.  I’m thinking two chairs and one stool.  It’s funny, but if I would have looked on Craigslist a week ago I could have found a dozen of these.  Looks like everyone, especially in Maryland was trying to sell them.  
I did go to a guys house this morning to check on two wicker chairs, but they were way too big.  Don’t think I could have even gotten them through the door.
I chatted with the man for a while.  He is a US Marshall….very interesting man.  So we were talking and all the sudden he asks me if I was in law enforcement.  The first thing that came to my mind was that my jacket didn’t cover my handgun that I carry in the inside of my waistband.  I asked him what made him say that and he pointed to my boots.  LOL….Bates Boots….the best walking and most comfortable boots I’ve ever found.  I get them out of a catalog for law enforcement officers.
I sure have enough space for a couple of small chairs now that my butt ugly (I like that name…can you tell?) sofa bed is history.
I’ll probably move my office to the right side and use the left for the living room.
LOL….my sister might be coming over on Friday and I don’t have anywhere for her to sit.  I might have to ask Cyndi and Kenny for a folding chair.
Check out those swell window decorations….aren’t they butt ugly?  They remind me of Motel rooms.   Wonder who came up with that idea?  Somebody told me it had to be a man.  Well, I think I will cover them with a different color material the first chance I get…or totally remove them.
Time to hit the sack.  It sure is nice and snuggly warm in here. 🙂

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