Straw Install and Sofa Bed Removal 11/10/2009

This day did not start out so well, but it turned out to be absolutely swell 🙂
This morning I spent about 4 hours online trying to research on how to get my butt ugly sofa bed out of my home.  
As you know my home is a travel trailer and usually, the sofas are bolted to the floor.  I went to one of the forums that I frequent for answers on how to unbolt it.  I opened the sofa bed to find some place where it was bolted on but couldn’t  find anything at all and finally figured that it must be bolted from underneath or bolted to the wall.  Finally, I tried to pick it up a bit to see and found out that it was not bolted to ANYTHING.
Well, that sure was a waste of time!
I opened the door to get my tape measure out of the Evil Twin, when my pussy escaped.  Luckily she acts more like a dog than a cat and came inside when I called her a while later.  She doesn’t go too far so I could always see her when I peeped out of the door.
I moved the sofa from the wall and measured it to get an idea of how I was going to get it out of the door.  I didn’t see a way since my door is exactly 2 ft. wide.
I called Reines RV Center and they gave me the number of the manufacturer after I told them that I was sitting here with a hammer to see if I would have to tear it up to get it out.  Keystone customer service told me that I would have to take it apart to get it out.  I should have asked them how.
Meanwhile, my straw came.  Two men drove up in a truck and trailer from Buckland Farm Market with the 70 bales of straw that I had ordered.  I was under the impression that they would just stack the straw up in the yard, but these guys helped me place each bale around my home.  I was such a happy woman….it would have taken me a couple of days to do this myself.  
After they finished, I first decided that was going to cover the straw with tarps tomorrow, but it got so dark and humid outside.  Even though the weather report didn’t call for rain, it sure looked like it was going to.  So, I spent the next hour covering every inch of straw up so that it wouldn’t get soaked with rain.
I think that now I have my home insulated enough to not have to worry about the heat escaping through the floor and also not to have to worry about my black water tank freezing and cracking.  
Kenny came by while I was working with the straw and helped me with my butt ugly sofa bed.  We tried all kinds of ways to get it out of the door, but she wouldn’t budge.  We had just about given up when Kenny figured out that we could pull up the back of the sofa and take it completely off.  This made the sofa just small enough to get it out of the door.
Tonight I’m happy to say that my butt ugly couch has a new home at Kenny’s house.  🙂
Here is Kenny on top of his roof, checking on a leak, scaring the crap out of me.  I was having visions of him falling through the roof into the house.
Even though it’s not all that cold tonight, I can feel the difference of the straw.  Normally it stays pretty chilly about a foot off of the floor and I constantly have cold feet.  None of that tonight! 🙂
Oh….it never did rain today.  Go figure.

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