Back To Normal In This New Year 1/6/2010

Chase assignments are coming in again.  It’s was a slow December and beginning of January. I have three lined up for today, so it’s getting back to normal.  Now…if the weather just holds up!!
Firefox is loading up faster than it did, but it’s still not back to itself.  When I open it up first thing in the morning, the windows still open up on the wrong screen and I have two or three tiny windows on my laptop.  It’s really not a big deal, but it gets on my last nerve. 
Terry had some suggestions for me on Facebook:
First thing to try is to rename all your .js files to .js1 in the following directory:”C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\.default”. Start up Firefox and you should have a clean starting browser. Any customizations will be lost. You can always rename the .js1 files to .js if this does not work or you don’t like the changes.
Also, to speed up Firefox load times install this and run it. There will be a small vacuum icon in the lower right of your browser. Run it once a month or set it up to auto-run every 20 or so browser loads.
He’s going through some medical testing today, so I’m hoping he can translate that into “Firefox for Dummies” later. 
LOL….I had no idea there was such a thing!!
Hope everything goes well for you, Terry!!
I did do the second suggestion, but the first one I’m having trouble with.  I couldn’t find that folder and I’m running Vista for Business here.
Maybe I should do as Donna suggested and give Google Chrome another try, but I’m stubborn and hard headed and want Firefox to work.
Sad news, Leah won’t get her xB until the end of this month.  That will be a month delay in shipment.  Weird that there is such a long delay in delivery. 😦
I got my propane tank filled yesterday and it’s still in the back of my car.  I’m kind of waiting to be able to park closer to my house….that is a heavy ass tank when it’s full.
My black water tank is getting close to full.  I can hear it when I flush.  The sensors don’t work worth a crap so it always shows it as being 3/4 full…even when it’s empty.  Dumping it is going to be interesting since I have all that straw piled up around the bottom of my trailer.  I guess I should take a look at it and see how much ice and snow is covering the tarp that covers the straw.  It might take some doing to get to the dump valve.

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