More Snow On The Way 1/7/2010

The snow from two weeks ago isn’t even gone yet.  We might get another 2 to 3 inches between now and tomorrow night.  I have some chases that are due tomorrow, but I’m going to get them done today since I don’t know what the weather will bring.
After reading a post at On The Road Again by Gypsy97 yesterday.  I decided not to ride around with that full tank of propane behind my driver’s seat any longer.  The ground was so frozen that I could drive to my front door so that I could unload that heavy sucker and reconnect it.  I feel much better knowing that I have one FULL tank….just in case. 🙂
I took a look behind the my trailer yesterday and even though we had these high winds,  the straw is still covered and in place.  Most of the snow is gone and there is just enough room between the straw bales to get my arm through to open the valve to the black water tank.  I won’t have to dump it for a few days yet and will stop somewhere to pick up some more RV antifreeze to add once the tank is empty.
I found out yesterday that the heater that I ordered is out of stock and they don’t know when it will be available.  It was the only efficient heater I have been able to find.  The search goes on.
Terry didn’t get back to me about the Firefox fix, but his medical appointment seems to have gone well.  Last night I removed a bunch of add-ons and installed a few new ones.  It’s back to normal this morning except for the window that opens up on the wrong screen….so Google Chrome will have to wait.  Good thing, since I seem to have a love/hate relationship with change.
I have a Garmin Nuvi 250W in the Evil Twin.  
Garmin Nuvi 250W 
It seems to have issues with addresses in and around Linton Hall.  Yesterday it was totally confused while I was trying to find an address and kept sending me in the opposite direction when I was coming from home.  Usually, I take along a set of printed directions, but for some reason, I didn’t yesterday.  I never did find the street.  I tried again coming from Manassas and the Garmin found it just fine.  Bizarre!  I almost broke down and purchase a map update last night, but the unit has been discontinued…weird, since you are still able to buy it for a whopping 130 bucks!  I’ll try to do a software upgrade tonight..that is if I can find the cord that connects the unit to my computer.  Shit, I’m still looking for my spare light bulbs.

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