Got Desk? 1/23/2010

LOL….I do!!  Found one that’s perfect on Craigslist for 35 bucks….with drawers!!!!  
The guy tried to help me get it in the back seat of the Evil Twin and we probably would have been able to if we would have removed the legs, but he said that he would bring the desk to me on Monday. With the extra storage I’ll be able to clear a lot off of my shelf unit which will then hold plants.

The seeds were in the mailbox when I got home last night. 

I was soooo tempted to open the sealed envelope, but I managed to leave it alone. No point in putting the cart in front of the cart, eh? Found out that my sister will have a garden this year, so I will share my seeds with her.  We will have to figure out what to do about her squirrels.  She has a ton of them going in and out of her back yard digging up anything that she plants.  Mostly due to her idiot neighbor that feeds them instead of letting the squirrels fend for themselves.  Ha, they probably think that my sister’s yard is their dessert!  Rat Bastards!!

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