Weird Cold Hit Me On Sunday 1/27/2010

Not the normal kind of cold.  Continued sneezing, stopped up nose and I felt like I had a plastic bag over my head.  I made it through Sunday but stayed home all day Monday.  Today I feel awesome again, except for wanting a cigarette.  
I haven’t had one since Monday night.  I really hope that I make it this time.  Hopefully, the Nicotine lozenges that I have been taking, will keep me from turning into a total bitch by tomorrow night.  Since I do the majority of smoking in the Evil Twin, I spent yesterday morning cleaning and wiping down the inside.  When I got in her to go to work, there was no cigarette smell. 🙂 
Wish me luck.  This is the hardest habit to break.  I’ve been smoking most of 38 years except when I was pregnant and nursing.  I have quit before, but never longer than a few months.
I got my new desk and am very happy with it.
At first, I had the 2nd monitor on top of that small hutch, but looking up there made my neck hurt.  So I removed the stand from the monitor and put it inside the hutch.  Then I had to lower my chair because the lip on the hutch was hiding the top of the screen.  I didn’t like that either so I removed the lip and then removed the light that was attached to the inside of the hutch.
I plugged the hole with a couple of layers of tape from the back.  I raised my chair back up and can see the whole monitor….and no more sore neck. 🙂
I still don’t know if I like the hutch or not.  I don’t like that it is blocking the window.   I’ll give it a couple of days and just remove it if I decide I don’t like it.
Meanwhile, my pussy has a new favorite spot to sit at.  It’s nice and warm back there.
I sure am happy with the drawers in the desk.  Just look at all the room I made on the shelf unit….and I still have room left in the desk.
I could find another place for everything on the shelf unit except for the printer and power supply.  That will leave room for plants.

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