Hutch Issue Fixed 1/28/2010

LOL…..could not wait a couple of days and had to take care of it this morning.  Ha, tell me I’m not patient!!
The main thing that got on my nerves was that the area where my laptop sat was just too dark and you know I hate to use electricity if I don’t have to.  The other thing was that I was worried that my laptop and monitor would get way too hot in the summer time since I only use the air conditioner when I have to.  The third thing was that the hutch was blocking the window and making it darker than before.  It also made it impossible to open the window unless I moved the desk.
I didn’t see an easy way to unbolt and remove the hutch, so there I was armed with claw hammer, screw drivers, assortment of knives, pliers, and coffee.  I started by removing the backing on the hutch which was pretty easy, it just involved the claw hammer and pliers to remove those ridiculously long staples.  I’m really glad that this is how I started the removal because I realized that is all I needed to do….
Now…that was easy!!   I’ve decided that I like my new desk. 🙂
It’s been a while since I’ve  run the Secunia Personal Software Inspector so I decided to do that while I’m writing.  After the scan finished, I got this message:
11 Security Threats.  Your Secunia System Score of 91% is 5% LOWER than the average user from New Jersey.
WFT???  LOL…I better get to updating.
When I was looking at the weather report this morning, I realized that starting tonight it will be freezing again…day and night until Sunday. 
Since it is getting about time to dump my black water tank, I figured I would top it off with water and take care of it today.   This way I’ll have an empty tank to start off with.  
I was about to start when I noticed I had no water.    Of course, I’m freaking out and reaching for a none existing cigarette trying to figure out what’s wrong.  So I texted Kenny about it. 
Come to find out he is working on his bathroom, had forgotten I was back here and turned the water off.  LOLOLOL…..I’m just way too quiet back here!!!  Should have the water back on in time to move the straw and pull the plug before I leave for Millers.

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