More Snow On The Way Today 2/9/2010

As of noon today, we are expecting another 8 to 14 inches of snow.  This time around there will be the added wind gusts of 40 mph.
This time lapse video of the February 5-6 snowfall in DC, using a Nikon D200 set to make an exposure every 5 minutes. 328 frames at 12 fps, was made by amandareckonwith.
Photos taken on Saturday, 2/6 and Sunday 2/7
It’s been an interesting couple of days.
Saturday I had dug out my path to Kenny’s driveway and a path to my propane tanks.  I didn’t switch over to the full tank at that time and figured the tank still had a bit in it.
Sunday morning around 5:20 I woke up and didn’t hear the furnace cycling on.  I went back to sleep until daylight.  When I finally got up, I went in the kitchen the red light was on telling me that I needed to switch propane tanks.  I got bundled up and went outside to switch propane tanks.  The furnace came on and ran for about 15 minutes and then finally stopped.  After 33 hours, my batteries finally petered out.  Now all I had left was the propane stove for heat.
By early afternoon,  I had dug out the snow around the Evil Twin, but I still could not get on the driveway.  Kenny had been working for hours trying to clear the driveway to the main road. I would have left the Evil Twin alone, but wanted to be able to recharge batteries as they died.
Kenny had cleared their driveway and Aaron, Jason, and I were busy getting the snow off of the vehicles.  Then it was time to get the Evil Twin out.  I drove to the little store about 2 miles down the road to get a carton of cigarettes…..yes I know…  The guy was all ready to ring me up when I noticed that I had no money, no driver’s license, no nothing on me.  In all the excitement of getting the Evil Twin free, I had forgotten all about that minor detail.  The guy let me hold a pack until I had a chance to come back.  I love living in the country. 🙂
On the way back I got stuck in the driveway. 🙂  After  Kenny, his Dad, and Aaron got me unstuck and parked I went inside my home, fixed a cup of coffee and some leftovers.  I texted T-Jay and told him that I was now down to stove heat and the electric company kept on changing the time for our power to be restored.  I wanted to be able to go to work Monday night and asked T-Jay if I could come over to take a shower before going to work.  He started to fuss at me and finally talked me into coming over and spending the night.
I loaded up my pussy and few things in a hurry since it was going to be dark in about an hour and I didn’t want to be driving in this mess in the dark.
Of course, I got stuck in the driveway.  It took Kenny’s Dad driving in front of me with the tractor and Kenny and Aaron walking behind me to push me when I got stuck.  After I got on the road, I drove all the way to Manassas at 20 miles an hour.
LOL….it was nice to have warm feet finally, without even trying.
Yesterday I called Ruben and asked him to drive me back to the house in his Tundra, since now the Evil Twin was stuck in the parking lot at my son’s home.  I still needed to pick up a few things that I had forgotten and still intended to make it to work.  Ten minutes after we got there the electric came back on.  It was now 43 degrees inside my home.  Still no water.  First I was going to go back to T-Jay’s and get my stuff and go back home, but I knew the Evil Twin wouldn’t make it in and out of the driveway without help and I would be stuck at home since we are expecting another storm.
So here I am still at T-Jay’s. Thanks, T-Jay for talking me into coming over.  Didn’t make it to work last night, but I’m bound and determined to make it in today.  It’s supposed to start snowing again at around noon.  Oh….and apparently I snore.
Meanwhile, my clients are crying because my car chases are late.  WTF?? 

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