No Electricity Today 2/6/2010

lol….so you know it’s really bad.

Our light went out at 11 PM last night. Almost 200 thousand people are without electric in our area.

I’m listening to my crank radio. My home is now running on battery power. I have minimum lights, but no power in my outlets. I think I have about another 30 minutes of power on my laptop. The refrigerator is now on propane. The heater is working fine and it’s snuggly warm inside. I have my stove and hot water. I feel like I’m on a camping trip. The coffee was awesome! ūüôā

Kenny is on his way with the tractor and will clear a path for me to their driveway.

I just opened my front door. It was blocked with snow. I don’t even see my steps.

I think I’ll go and switch over to the full propane¬†tank¬†since I don’t know how much I have left in this one after running the heater all night.

Well, I’m going to publish this before I run out of juice.

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