LOYALTOYOTA and more Computer Issues 3/5/2010

The LOYALTOYOTA  fan page on Facebook has only been up and running for 8 days and already has 606 fans.  I received my sticker two days ago.
Yes….I washed the Evil Twin in the dark last night.
I dropped off Miss Dell to T-Jay before work last night.  Everything worked just fine.
T-Jay’s checking to see if everything is still working.
Don’t ask.  One day when T-Jay has a good feeling day, I’ll ask him to explain what and how he uses this program to make music.  The process from start to finish is pretty awesome.
Now this morning T-Jay texted me that Miss Dell is having new issues. 😦
So……not wanting to wait until the last minute, I’m making space on the spare laptop.  Just in case Miss Dell quits on him.  RAT BASTARD!!
I did have plans to open my bag of seeds and check them out, but I better focus on this for now.

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