There Is Life Under That Snow….. 3/4/2010

You have to really look for it, but the signs are there.  Spring is right around the corner.  It is pretty windy today, but it is 43 lovely degrees.  It’s drying the ground up some and I actually made it to the Evil Twin without major mud all over my pants and boots. 🙂
Can you see those butt ugly things that surround my windows?? ^^^^^ See, they’re so ugly, I don’t even know what they’re called.  Anyway, they made it look so dark and gloomy in here.  This morning they got on my LAST nerve, so they had to go away.
So there!!!
I’m really pleased with it….so much brighter in here.  It will do for now until I find some nice curtains.
Don’t know what was up with the propane not getting into the house.  I connected and disconnected the tanks and now everything is okay.  I have heat and the stove is working fine.  I did think that the empty tank was a bit heavy when I took it to the car yesterday.  Maybe that was just my imagination?  I guess I will see when I go to have it filled.
I played around some more with T-Jay’s PC last night and she seems to be fine now.  I’ll be taking Miss Dell back to T-Jay this afternoon.
Ms Dell, all ready to go home.
It’s so beautiful outside right now.  I really wish that I did not have to leave.  Oh well 🙂

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