Got meat? 5/7/2010

Had a craving for meat yesterday and I had a pound of ground buffalo.  So I whipped up some noodles and gravy along with an avocado and some Schwartzbrot.
That was easy!!…I really need to get one of those red Staples buttons 🙂  Sometimes throwing something together ends up tasting better than using a recipe.  I added some German tomato paste in a tube, onions, garlic, green pepper, a hand full of spices and that was it.  Last night I heated up the leftovers, I added a raw apple and a spoon full of curry.  Simply yummy 🙂
I saw this car parked in the lot at work last night.  WFT?  What does the plate mean? I wish I would have been off of work.  You know me….I would have found the person that owns this car and asked them myself. 
I’m up to 4,088 MB on my Verizon account.  I had to upload about a hundred more photos for an inspection that I did last week.  I wonder if I’ll keep from going over my limit.  It pisses me off that their website stats are not real time.  I really won’t know for sure until tomorrow.  I did ask the supervisor that I talked to, to just cut me off once I got to my limit, but he said that they are not capable of doing this.  I’m sure that’s a lie, since they sure can cut you off if you don’t pay your bill.  Rat Bastards!
Okay….that’s enough whining for today.  I’m going to leave here early to pick up some propane and fuel up the Evil Twin.  Then it’s off to T-Jay’s. He wants to borrow the Evil Twin for a photo shoot for his music project later this afternoon.  Can’t wait to see the results.

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