Removed the tarps from my straw bales 5/6/2010

I wonder how many ticks I picked up while doing that.
Broad Beans on the left and Green Beans on the right.  These are the ones that my pussy had tried to eat up.  It looks like they will be okay 🙂
I’ll add a layer of soil to the top of the straw in the next couple of weeks….then seeds by hopefully the 15th of this month.  Should have no more cold nights after that.
Hopefully planting this close to my home will keep most of the critters away.  Even though we have lots of Squirrels and Deer, it doesn’t look like they have been bothering my plants.  On the other hand, I wonder how the bug situation will be once the weather gets hot.
I’m still finding ants around the house.  While I was taking down the tarps, I kept an eye out for a place where they might be coming in, but didn’t notice anything.  Of course, it really helps that my pussy keeps me informed on where the ants are in the house.  Here she is guarding the outdoors….
I have just enough bandwidth left to finish the last two of my reports.  Luckily my account will reset in two days.  Then the game starts over.  Verizon Rat Bastards!!
When I stopped at my Mom’s to use her internet the other day, she had a work crew come over to remove the tops of the very tall trees in front of her house. 
Funny, all these years I have accidentally passed her house due to not seeing it behind the trees.  To this day I use my GPS to remind me when to slow down.  LOL…It seems like I won’t have to for a while… least until the leaves grow back.
My hair cut got on my last nerve yesterday and you know what that means.  After finishing my last car chase yesterday, I stopped at the first salon that I came across.  I now have a “bed head” haircut, which goes completely against my anal organization issues.  It’s going to take all the strength I have not to part my hair perfectly in the middle this morning.  Wish me luck!

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