LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) in Emu Oil 10.12.2011

Kymber asked me why I was mixing LDN with Emu Oil.

Well, I’ve been scratching my head about getting a tiny bit of LDN in my Cornish Rex, Silly, for months.  It’s not that she is sick, but I would like for her immune system to be strong so that she will stay healthy for many years to come.

The problem was how to get it in her.  Putting it in her food wouldn’t work because she would notice the smell and taste….she is so very picky about her food.

Shooting it down her throat would have been a cat fight for sure.

Then I remembered that some people that have stomach issues are getting LDN prescribed in cream form.

Dr. Jaquelyn Mc Candless formulated a Transdermal LDN application with Emu oil that absorbs quickly into the bloodstream for her autistic patients.  This formulation diffuses through the skin and enters into the bloodstream, bypassing the liver, stomach, and digestive system.  Many side effects disappeared this way.

Since I do not have a prescription for Transdermal LDN, I improvised by crushing one Naltrexone pill and then putting it in 50 ml of Emu Oil.

Every day I just put a drop of this oil mixture on my finger tip and rub it in Silly’s ears.   Ha, no fuss, no muss!!!


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