Monday….my favorite day 10.10.2011

^^^^^That’s looking out of my this morning.  Beautiful isn’t it?  Love Mondays 🙂  It’s kind of like a mini weekend for me since I get off at around 5 PM on Sundays, so I have kind of a long night.  Then on Mondays, I usually don’t have any other work besides at Millers, so I’m free until ten minutes to three.

I spent most of yesterday adding pages with information on LDN to this blog.  You can see them on the right.  I had forgotten that we can do that.  I can add 20 pages if I want to.  Most of the documents on those pages were sent to me by Diana, a friend from “Got Endorphins? LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone)” on Facebook.  Thanks, Diana 🙂  By the way, that Facebook page is now 582 members strong.  It’s a very active group with members from all over the world with lots of information and everyone is always there to help.

I ordered some emu oil last week which finally came in a couple of days ago.  This morning I crushed up a 50 mg tablet of Naltrexone in it.  I plan on rubbing a drop of it on Silly’s ears as a preventative each day.  I know it has helped so many people with their sick pets.  I’m taking it as a preventative and I think that she should also have that benefit.

A friend of mine is bringing me some deer meat tomorrow….love, love, love deer.  It will be great to get some free, clean meat. 🙂

Right now I’m waiting on an assignment in Washington, VA.  I’ve always wanted to stop by there, but never got around to it.  Got my fingers crossed that I get it.  Oh, well, maybe I’ll get that email sometime tonight while I’m sleeping.  LDN is kicking in, so it’s time to hit the sack. 🙂  Can’t stay awake any longer.


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