Getting cigarette smoke off of the walls, inpecting tattoo shop March 12th, 2012

I woke up this morning and went to the bathroom downstairs, turned around thinking, wrong bathroom.  Went upstairs to the second bathroom, turned around thinking, wrong bathroom.  Went to the nice freshly cleaned bathroom in the master bedroom …..and found all my stuff!!!  🙂
My cat didn’t sleep with me last night.  No idea where the wench slept at.  She’s been roaming the wide open spaces of the house.  LOL  Last night we found her in a dresser drawer.
I finished cleaning the bathroom in the master bedroom last night.  I even got the mold from the ceiling.  After that, I moved everything in there from the 1/2 bath downstairs.  This morning I cleaned the walk-in-closet and moved all my clothes and shoes in.  There is a corner by the door with shelves that I also cleaned.  That’s where I will keep my herbs, tinctures and other goodies to keep us healthy.
Then I started on the folding doors to the closet…the left side is done.
I also started on one of the windows, using Kymber’s cleaning recipe. Thanks, Kymber!!! 🙂
Then I inspected a Tattoo Shop.   I happened to park next to a Smart Car…
The owner of the Smart Car told me that my car is way cooler than his. 🙂
Went back home and emptied the extra fridge and freezer that I won’t need right now.
Then argued with Comcast over getting internet and cable installed.  Rat Bastards!!!  One hand doesn’t know what the other one is doing.  I need to prove that I own my house and also prove that my room mates turned in their Comcast equipment….which they returned this morning.  
So, no internet for a few days, I’m at work now.  No TV, but I really don’t care about that.  I have enough “House” episodes on my hard drive for a week….just in case I miss it.
I’m beat.  One more hour then I go home. 🙂

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