iQuteness March 14th 2012

I’ve been waiting for the Scion iQ to come out in what seems forever!!  The first one arrived at our dealership on the 25th of last month.  Two days before it physically arrived, I had already traded in my Scion xD and the paperwork was all signed.  Here she is at home parked next to the Evil Twin.
The iQuteness, her new nickname, looks tiny, but it’s not much smaller on the inside than the xD…..until I look in the back and there is no rear end. 🙂  The gas mileage is awesome for my day time job since I have to go to a lot of areas away from the interstate.  Right now I’m getting between 34 and 36 miles a gallon.  Gas prices are climbing towards the big 4.00 every day, so I’m glad to have her.  
In other news…..I’m still not sleeping in the master bedroom.  In the last few days, I’ve been busy with inspections and other things which leaves me with not enough time to get down and dirty.  That’s about to change in the morning though…..I have nowhere to go tomorrow.  I’m planning to at least clean the wall that has windows so that I can finally put some curtains up.
It’s been so quiet at home the last few days.  No TV, no internet.  T-Jay did hook up the cable this afternoon so I can have the TV talking to the back of my head again.
Tomorrow the modem should come in, so internet should be back up and running by tomorrow night.  Phew….it sure is hard to do without.  No bill paying, no checking the bank account, no answering emails, no Facebook, no Google+, no blogs.   I sure will be glad to have it back!!!
I did spend a half hour cleaning up the backyard today.  I was raking up some leaves and found a flower pot with a strawberry plant about 2 inches tall.  Amazing with this weird warm weather we are having this early in the year.  Our cherry tree has buds all over it and will probably bloom in the next week.

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