I’m back. Last of the snow…. I hope 3/16/17

Sure has been a long time since my last post.  It took me weeks to get my posts over from WordPress since WordPress and Blogger don’t seem to want to play nice.  It was a trip down memory lane.  I had forgotten about a lot of things that happened years ago which is the reason I’m going to start blogging again. It’s my diary.  I will probably bring over some of the things I’ve done from Facebook.
This was two mornings ago. I went out at 5 AM to shovel the snow but there was a layer of ice on top.  I could walk on top of the snow.  My car was covered with so much ice, I couldn’t open the driver’s side door.  When I finally managed to open it, I turned it on and let the defrost blow for 40 minutes to get the ice off of the windows. I sure hope it’s the end the cold and snow for the beginning of the year.  
I had already put my MR Buddy propane heater away two weeks ago.  Didn’t think I would need it again but dug it back out on Tuesday….just in case. 
My poor central heat was working so hard to make it up to 71 degrees and needed some help downstairs.  Yes, my heater was replaced two years ago, finally.
Looks like my central heat finally caught up to 73 degrees this morning.  First time since Tuesday.
Yesterday, my co-worker called in sick again, so I had another 12 hour work day.  Last night when I got home I had trouble falling asleep, could not get my mind to shut up.  Today I will be dragging butt for lack of sleep.  Hopefully, my co-worker will be back and I can take off early to catch up on sleep.

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