TGIF 3/17/17

It’s finally Friday.  It has been a long week.

My co-worker again called in sick yesterday, just 30 minutes before he was supposed to report to work.  Thanks to another co-worker, I did get out of there a little after 7 PM.

Then it was, hurry go home and hurry and go to sleep.  LOL  That never works with me.  The more I think about needing to go to sleep, the longer I stay awake.

On Friday another person comes in after me in the afternoon.  I was so happy to see her.  As she walked in, I walked out, an hour and a half before I usually get off.

A third co-worker, bless her heart, will work in my place on Sunday.  This way I will get two days off back to back.  This is awesome and it’s been a very long time.  I’m sure I will be in a much better mood when I return to work on Monday morning. 🙂

So, I will get a good nights sleep tonight,  Get up early in the morning and go visit my mom and pop.

After I get back home I’ll do laundry, cook for the week, and iron, all the while knowing that I have another day off.  Did I already say that this is awesome??


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