Visit to parents, broiling meat, car wash and Bagworm Moths 03/18/17

Mom didn’t feel all that great so I didn’t stay long.

By 10 AM I was on my way back home.   I did stop in Warrenton to get some groceries and some $2 a gallon gas. 🙂

Broiled some thick and thin pork chops when I got home.  That will take care of meat for the next

It was so nice outside that I decided to go wash the “Pumpkin”.


Art Smith, owner of  “KillerWaxx”, had sent me some Pineapple Express Shine.  This stuff is awesome.  The paint was so shiny and thick that it seemed that you could stick your finger in the paint.



I did the work 3 hours ago and now it is raining cats and dogs.

Before going inside for the day, I checked my bushes for Bagworm Moths.  I thought I had gotten them all off of the bushes back in October last year but it looks like I missed some.  Most of those are too high up for me to get to.  I’m thinking I will get rid of all the bushes once it warms up and start over.


Bagworm Moth

These are from October.  I picked them from the bushes and even from under the window in the front of my home.  The glue that they are attached with is so strong that I had to use pliers to get them off.

You can already see the damage they have done.  Everything looks brown and dead.  Rat Bastards!


I think I will order some Empress Trees.  The Bagworm Moths don’t seem to like them much.


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