It’s been too long!!

Well, it looks like this fucked up year is on its way out!!  Time is flying.

I am lucky to still be working during this Covid mess.  I never got laid off, even though sales at the dealership went way down for a while. I did go out of my way to learn new things and was rewarded with a raise and a weeks worth of company uniforms.  It’s nice not having to wear my own clothes to work anymore.  Next month makes 13 years with this company.

We have had two people come down with Covid at work so far.  I am being super careful by sanitizing and wiping all our computer areas down with straight alcohol every morning when I get there around 6.  I’ve got a couple of co-workers that don’t seem to be worried about getting sick so I’m super anal about cleaning my area when we have to share our workspace.  So far, so good.

I’m trying very hard not to gain weight, which isn’t easy since I just go back and forth to and from work and once a week to the grocery store first thing in the morning.  I’m still taking LDN every night and am glad that I now have a prescription for it and don’t have to make my own from tablets from India anymore.  There was a noticeable difference When I switched over to the prescription….vivid dreams for about a week…I miss them. 🙂


I’m cooking lunch for the coming week.  I’ll probably have cut up boiled eggs with bacon and breakfast sausage.  I’ll add a bit of sugar free relish and a dollop of ranch dressing that’ll get me through the day.


We’ve had a couple of cold days around here, so it’s time to set up some extra heat downstairs in my room.

LOL….just look at that wire nest in the background.

I went ahead and had four bottles of propane delivered by PropaneTaxi  With that many bottles, it came to right at $16.50 each.  Awesome deal!!!  It’s nice to have it delivered right to my door.  I hate to transport the bottles in my car.  They end up rolling around and scratching everything up in my baby.


Either my shade giving trees and bushes get bitched at by my HOA or they die on me.  I brought home two pieces of this vine from my mom’s yard and it looks like I’ll have shade in front of my windows by next summer.  I am trying to keep them from climbing up the siding so that I can reach them in case the HOA starts bitching about them. Two more years and I’ll be out of here!!!  Can’t wait.

That’s it for now.  Hope everyone has an awesome day!!


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