Some somments from people that have been doing KETO or canivore for a while. 07/27/19

What are some things that you DON’T do or have because of keto woe?!
After a lifetime – literally – of feet & leg cramps, I DON’T have them any more!
DON’T have to shop in Plus Size stores!
DON’T get HANGRY anymore!
And I could go on, but help me out here, what about YOU?!







  • I don’t have to worry about my lower fat roll hanging to my knees! 😀 I don’t have to take medications for diabetes. And I don’t have major complications.
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  •  I don’t take meds for depression, ADD.
    I don’t have fatty liver anymore 
    I’m not obese anymore 

    I don’t dread vacation 
    I don’t dread dressing up 
    I don’t dread clothes shopping
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    •   I don’t take metformin anymore; I don’t take lisinopril anymore. I don’t eat anything in a box or bag with more than 3-4 ingredients. I do love 💕 life so much more now !!
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  • Do not take blood pressure meds anymore. A1c is normal now.
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  •  My mood has greatly improved. I still have a long way to go, but I feel so much better!
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  • Migraines, chronic neck & back pain (from a car accident in ’97), aching joints, depression, and brain fog…..all gone. 🙌
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  •  Finally got myself taken off of antidepressants.
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  • I DON’T have to stop by and get food on my way home to tide me over until dinner.
    I DON’T have to worry where or when my next meal is – IF has taught me I have enough calories on me to take care of me for DAYS, so a few hours isn’t gonna kill me.
    I DON’T have to be obsessed with food any longer.

    I DON’T have to sell anyone anything for them to join me in this awesome journey 🤟
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  •  I don’t have UC flares anymore.
    I don’t have RA flares anymore. 
    I don’t have constant pain anymore.

    I don’t feel embarrassed by my size anymore.
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  •  I don’t have shame anymore! That’s the BIGGIE for me! I lived in shame over how I looked every day!

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  •  I don’t snore anymore and, I don’t sunburn any more 😁

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  •  I do NOT have heartburn or IBS, nor have to take medication for it. I had GERD from birth and IBS from about 1989. Bye reflux.
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  • I do NOT have estrogen issues anymore and got off birth control pills.
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  • I don’t have pain in my hip or knee anymore. I don’t have to worry about fitting into an airline seat without “spillage”. I can shop in the normal, petite section instead of the fat lady section and have to hem everything.
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  •  I don’t have constant cravings.

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    • Me either! It’s awesome!
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  •  Can walk downhills without knee pain, can sleep and wake up refreshed, cognition and memory is strong. Energy great
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  • My life is no longer controlled by food.
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  • I wear shorts and tank tops now, I go to the pool, I don’t have to take three prescription medications every morning, I am no longer prediabetic, chronic joint pain and heartburn are gone forever.

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  • I am rarely hungry and never have that shaky feeling! My RX meds now cost $5 a month.
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  •  I don’t have to slather steroid creams on my hands all day every day or wear bandaids just to stop the bleeding, cracking, itching eczema.
    I can actually get my hands wet now.
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  •  I no longer get knee injections!
  • Migraines, diabetes, inflammation
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  • Mood swings, inflammation, headaches, sleepless nights
    For me?  No more joint pain. Feeling great.  Can tie my shoelaces without holding my breath and my gut in.  I don’t get sunburned easily anymore.  After years of dandruf…no more of that either. Blood pressure is normal. No longer pre-diabetic.
    I’m fluctuating between 162 and 164 pounds.  If I never lose these last 10 pounds, I’m okay with just because my health has improved so much.

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