Sunday, June 27, 2021

HOA Inspection

I knew it. No way would they pass me by without writing me up for something. The door I already took care of this morning with some SuperClean spray. It was just dirty from the elements outside. It’s all white again. The trim around the door and windows just need to be power washed. That will be taken care of when my neighbor does his….hopefully before the deadline.

Last week was a weird week. On Wednesday night I was checking my emails and was about to delete some spam from CarMax. They wanted to buy my car. Usually I delete these, but for some reason I got curious and opened it up.

I went ahead and input my information and minutes later they offered me $7,000 more than my car was worth a month ago. When I got to work the next day I talked to my manager to see if they would owner that offer. They did.

Thursday night I took home my new to me 2007 Prius with 214,000 miles on it. I’m also expecting a check for $2,000 for the difference. Crazy times!!!

I’m fine with the mileage since I will only need it until October next year when I buy my Promaster.

Yesterday I spent six hours detailing that Prius and clearing it’s headlights. I started with the headlights. Then I claybar’d it, put on a coating of Northern Light liquid wax and buffed that out. Then I used Back to Black on all the ashy looking plastic parts. This morning I wiped her down. Added more Back to Black and hand waxed it with XXX paste wax. I think this is as good as I can get her.

XXX Ceramic Coating Paste

She looks so much better now! The hood has a few blemishes, but I think I will decorate it with vinyl stickers to cover them up.

Grilled Porkchop with Yum Yum Sauce

Breakfast, lunch and dinner was grilled porkchops with YumYum Sauce. I love that stuff. Too bad the sugar-free version tastes like absolute crap. That’s my cheat this weekend.

5 Minute Glam Nails

Nails for the week. All this detailing wrecked my poor nails. I had to file them down a bit, but they’ll grow back quick.

That’s all the news for this week. Check out your old used cars. Never know, you might have a treasure. 🙂


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