Sunday, July 6.20.21

Yesterday morning I was getting coffee in my kitchen when I heard this awful howling noise. It made me think that Silly was in terrible pain.

I went to the backyard and there she was chastising this huge black cat. She’s so funny. Nothing seems to bother her, not birds, squirrels, mice, rats, lizards, but let there be a cat on “HER” property. All bets are off and she goes into “I have to defend my territory” mode.

Enemy cat

Silly must have told him or her to get the hell out.

Silly on guard after defeating the enemy

Friday when I got home for lunch, there was a gang of HOA ladies, a couple of houses down, doing the yearly inspections. They usually do these inspections in the spring and I was kind of hoping that I would be left alone this year. But no, I’m sure they wrote me up for something.

Weeds? Not really, they are delicious.

Oh crap, I didn’t see this soon enough, though I did remove them this morning. Probably too late. I’m sure I’ll get a written notice for weeds.

Meat for the week. Chicken, pork, and hamburgers.

I think I over did it yesterday. That was a lot of meat, but I’ll have enough for a couple of weeks.


It was so dark and gloomy yesterday, I was sure it was going to rain. I really wanted to wash my car since lately the birds seem to shit sideways while flying….all over my car doors on both sides. I did finally get her cleaned up and detailed this morning.

Our neighbors two doors down have been partying all day, every day this weekend. Lots of people, loud music. Poor T-Jay had to drag his mattress out of his bedroom to the other side of the house in order to catch some sleep. He goes to work at 2 AM and sleeps during they day. I can’t wait to get out of here!!

I thought with all that digging and pulling I did to get rid of the vines in front of my house had worked, but it looks like I missed some. They are slowly trying grow back. I guess I’ll just keep on yanking them out as they come up.

Vines coming back slowly but surely….Rat Bastards!!

I swear I made my bed this morning, but looks like Silly climbed in. She’s getting back to normal after having two teeth pulled last Tuesday. Poor thing was so out of it when I picked her up at the vets. She looked like she was drunk. Couldn’t hardly walk straight. The next day she was still out of it, but now she’s good to go. Still on soft food for the next two weeks.

Every afternoon she expects her treats when I get in the door, but they are too crunchy for her. I’m sure she is wondering what’s going on and she lets me know it!!

She’ll go back for a her checkup in two weeks.

Silly un-made my bed

Every once in a while I go through a list of blogs that I follow. The list used to be about forty some blogs. Over the years a lot of people have stopped updating their blogs. I wonder what happened to them? Did they just lose interest? Or did something happen to them?

Yesterday I was trying to get the blog list on this site and finally figured it out. I kept looking for the blog list and it turns out it is a link list. Why make it easy, right? I weeded out the blogs that are no longer active and kept the ones that are. Now the ones I add will be van related. I figure it will be an easy way to keep track of them for ideas and such.

5Minute Glam Nails

Nails for the week. Hope everyone has a good one.


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