Sunday, June 13, 2021

This is now my daily getup for my bunion…..until I can get it fixed. There is a thick bunion pad underneath that tape and if keeps me out of pain all day. I’m glad that I found this temporary fix. Now I’m not in such a rush to get the the surgery done.


Yesterday I made a ton of Rolladen for the week. That’s thin strips of beef covered with salt, pepper, mustard, sugar-free pickle relish and a slice of bacon.


Then I rolled them up and kept them together with a toothpick. Since I didn’t have a cutting board big enough for this massive amount of Rolladen, I covered the counter with plastic wrap. Sure makes an easy cleanup.


Browned and cooked until done. This makes an awesome brown gravy, but since I don’t eat potatoes, noodles, nor rice, I went for strictly meat.

No-bake, no-crust cheesecake

I went to the store without my reading glasses. I was going for instant sugar-free vanilla pudding. So I grabbed the yellow box. Got home and it turned out to be banana pudding.

No-bake, no-crust cheesecake

Since I wasn’t going back out again over pudding, I used the banana and it turned out just as tasty.

I don’t know if you can see it, but there is a rabid in my backyard, by the fence. Silly spend time looking at it. It’s funny, she never chases any animals. She’ll just sit there and watch them.

Here she is later putting me on “ignore” after her bath and nail trim. Now she’s dry and we are friends again.

I’m dropping Silly off at the vets to get her back teeth checked and cleaned at 6 AM on Tuesday. I forgot to ask them how long she would be there, but I’m sure I can slip away from work early to pick her up. It’s just five minutes away from me.

Roll-up tool bag

The second roll-up tool bag came in. This one will be for toiletries for the van.

It’s surprising how much this little bag will hold. Plenty of room for soap, shampoo and anything else needed for a shower.

5 Minute Glam Nails

Nails for the week. I put in a large order for more and can’t wait to get it.

That’s all that’s happening for now. Hope everyone has an awesome week…..Monday’s right around the corner and we get to do it all over again.


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