Sunday, June 6, 2021

Thursday morning I hit 17,001 miles on my 2016 Prius. I wonder if I’ll make it until next October to hit 18.,000.

I ordered this organizer bag on Amazon. I’m using it as a first aid kit to use in the Promaster.

It’s packed full, but doesn’t take up too much space. I need to have a place for everything since I will have limited space to work with.

I’ve ordered another one to use as a hygiene kit. Shampoo, soap, etc., that I can take with me to a gym or other place where I can take a shower.

I almost killed my poor cactus, but I decided to put it outside instead of my dining room. She seems to be perking up…..or is it my imagination?

Why in the hell is it so hard to find a fork with pointed tines???

I ended up finding one on Amazon after checking every store I went to. It’s nice to be able to stab a piece of meat and pick it up for a change. It’s the little things. 🙂

This is the hazy headlight of my neighbor’s Sequoia. I’ve been waiting of a good day to clear them. My neighbor knocked on my door this morning and asked if this would be a good time….and it was perfect timing!!

Headlights are clear and my neighbor is happy. He offered to pay me, but he has been such a good neighbor, always ready to help out, I just couldn’t accept payment. So he is going to power-wash my townhouse when he does his. That will be awesome, because I know I’ll probably get written up by the HOA for those 100’s of little roots from that vine that I removed and are left on the walls, around the door and windows. This will be much easier than scrubbing them off. Talking about HOA, I haven’t received their spring inspection report. I wonder if this will be the first time I don’t get a write up? Nah…they’re probably just running late.

I was doing the headlight clearing with a buffing drill attachment. It was doable, but I was afraid to scratch someones paint. So I ordered a orbital polisher. This is so much better!!! It’s good to know that a drill will work when in a pinch.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner today is thick pork chops breaded with pork rinds baked in the oven with asparagus in butter. Good stuff. Not enough for the week, but I have some leftovers for a few days. I still have meals in the freezer from the last couple of weeks.

I finally found my favorite soap back in stock. I love this creamy stuff!!….Ha, and it’s huge!

Now, that’s what I call a bar of soap. Not that wimpy overpriced crap they sell in the stores. At the stores, they keep on shrinking the soap and raising the price.

I keep waiting to hear the Cicadas. Sometimes I hear them early in the morning when I’m listening to the news. I run to open the door to the back yard and hear nothing. Turns out it is the background noise on the news, so loud. They are somewhere, on the news, but not here. That’s okay. The Crickets are bad enough!!

5 Minute Glam Nails

Nails for the week.

Monday is right around the corner. Hope everyone has a good one!


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