Sunday, July 11, 2021

My shed in the back yard was a mess again, so I decided to organize it yesterday. I thought I would have to throw away a bunch of stuff, but the shed wasn’t all that full. It’s just that things were not put away on the shelves

Now I actually have room for things and I can also find stuff. 🙂

Weights? For what??

I wonder what these go to?? Found them in the shed. I have no idea.

I intended to make window coverings for the back of the Prius, but decided to give her one more waxing this morning.

I got her sooooo shiny, but the blemishes on the hood were getting on my last nerve. One of the previous owners must have bought some touch up paint and didn’t know how to use it. The hood had big old blobs of paint on it which later on cracked. I was awful looking. I sure didn’t want to spend the money for paint. So what else could I do? I had to cover them up, right?

My next door neighbor gave a a big piece of plywood and I also got some pieces from work. I think I have enough for the bed platform. I’m waiting on a small electric saw this week. Maybe that will be the project for next weekend.

I got tint for the back windows in and now I’m afraid to install it. Maybe after I watch a few more videos? Or maybe I can find someone on Facebook that would be willing to help for a small fee? I don’t know, I’ll have to think about.

5Minute Glam Nails for the week. My favorites!

Have a great week everyone. Stay cool!


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