Sunday July 18, 2021

I had big plans today, but my co-worker called in with a family emergency so I had to come in to work. It was just for three hours since it was slow, but of course now I really don’t feel like getting started on anything. Triple X

I did wash and wax my car one more time this morning . I was about to make my window coverings when I got the text to come to work.

5Minute Glam Nails

I just finished my nails for the week and that’s it for today.

I am thinking about tackling the carpet upstairs next weekend. I really needs a good cleaning. On order is a drill brush. That and some diluted SuperClean ought to get it clean. At least I hope so.

We are down to 28 cars on our lot. I sure hope that we get some cars in soon. Right now we are selling the cars before they even arrive. It’s a weird time we’re living in!

I hope everyone has a great week. It’s right around the corner.


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