Sunday, October 10, 2021

I went to the store at 6 AM yesterday to get groceries. I wanted some more sauerkraut and since Aldi doesn’t open up until 8 AM I figured I’d buy some at Walmart since I was already there.

All these years everyone that I talked to, hated sauerkraut. I never understood why, because I love it.

Well, now I know. I fixed the whole jar that I bought, after I rinsed it, with a pack of bacon and threw in some juniper berries……and then I……

…..threw the whole thing in the garbage. That was nasty!!!!

This morning I went to Aldi and picked up a few of these.

Delicious!!! I can eat it right out of the jar. This sauerkraut was cooked with love. 🙂

While I was there I found some cans of herrings. Love those and they are hard to find these days.

It’s time for a big batch of laundry detergent. I’m about to run out and I don’t intend to buy any of the high-priced stuff at the store.

I use 4 TBS baking soda, 4 TBS washing soda, 4 TBS borax and 1/2 cup of dawn original dish soap.

Here are all the ingredients melted in boiling water.

I add another pot of boiling water with the mixture in this gallon jug and top that off with cold water. Once it cools off I’ll put it in this laundry detergent container that I saved.

Ha, I have enough ingredients for laundry detergent until I move out of here.

Talking about moving out of here, I have been researching the Dodge Promaster for many years. I keep hoping that they will fix all the know issues with the Promaster, but it does not look like it. There are many, many problems with this van.

I’m not a mechanic and I’m no spring chicken either. I need a vehicle that I can depend on!!!

So I have decided to switch to the Sienna Hybrid. I know I won’t be able to stand up in it, but really I’ll be living out of it more than just in it. I’m looking at the Woodland Edition with the 1,500 watt inverter and that is raised a bit higher then all other Siennas.

I’ll be driving a generator with wheels. I’ll be able to run the heat or a/c while the van is idling without any problem.

At this time we are told that the back seats are not removable because of the airbags, but I’m sure by the end of next year someone will have figured out how to do that.

There are already a couple of really interesting Sienna camper conversions on YouTube.

I had this craving for ramen noodles and bought a couple of packages of Stew with Chili and Beans. Of course I had to doctor it up a bit.

After it was cooked, I added a couple of fork fulls of sauerkraut and a hand full of cocktail wieners. it was so good.

5 Minute Glam Nails for the week. Don’t know if I like them yet. Maybe they’ll grow on me.

My co-worker handed in her two weeks notice last Thursday. Here we go again, I ‘ve lost count on how many people I have trained for the same position over the last twelve year. I hope that it won’t be so hard to find someone that wants to work. We will see.

I’ve been taking my little spot cleaner to work so that I can clean two or three chairs when I get there in the morning. That should keep me busy for a few weeks. I usually come in on a weekend and move ALL the chairs into service to clean them all at the same time. I really don’t want to come in on the weekend for this, so I’ll do a few at a time instead. Some of them are really disgusting!!

So, that’s all I have for now. Have a great week and stay save.


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