Wednesday, 3/22/23 She’s here!!!

I can’t believe she was delivered to me just 11 days after she was built. Yes, she’s a she, and her name is Miss Pearl.

Introducing Miss Pearl

In the last 8 days, I’ve been working my nerves up to removing the rear seats. I finished removing the 3rd-row seats after work yesterday. Mr. Abel, the owner of this dealership was nice enough to let me store the seats in the basement of the store while I’m waiting to sell them.

Two days ago, the SkyBox that I ordered arrived. A few hours ago, one of the guys in our service department put it on top of the roof. Now I have extra storage if I need it. I’ll have to carry a small stepping stool to reach the box though. One of my co-workers here, that is 6’7″ is going to measure how tall the van is with the box installed. I wouldn’t want to get stuck in a parking garage somewhere.

Miss Pearl and her backpack.

Of course I should not be chatting with Rodney Esteban about his Sienna mods. He’s already made me want to do a few things to the outside. He has got to have the sexiest Sienna in the country.

The Shinkansen Build by Rodney Esteban

I am trying to concentrate on the inside, but while I’m waiting to do stuff, my mind wanders to little things I can do to the outside.

Protections for behind the handles.

I hate those scratches that we get behind the handles. I always wear rings so those areas get scratched pretty bad. I hope that this will prevent that.

Bad Ass Edition

I couldn’t resist getting that emblem. Next will be getting the blue from behind the Toyota emblem in the back. I sure hope I don’t find anything else to put on there.

The third-row seats removed and wrapped up for temporary storage.

3rd-row seats put to bed for now.

3rd row is gone. Now the 2nd row.

The space looks so small, but it really isn’t, for me at least.

In a couple of hours I will get the 2nd-row seats out. I already removed all the plastic from the base of both.

Then I will have to disconnect the 12 volt battery on the right rear side of the van. Then I will be able to disconnect the plugs to the airbags which are in both seats. I bought 4 simulators from Brad Ling Two four each seat.

Two yellow plugs for the airbags.

Once I remove the seats, plug in the simulators, and reconnect the battery, the Sienna will think that the 2nd-row seats are still there.

Well, that’s it for now. I hope that everyone has a great day.


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