Thursday 03.23.23 Destroying the Sienna some more :)

2nd and 3rd-row seats are gone.

You can see the little yellow plugs, which are the simulators. Miss Pearl thinks she still has all her seats. No error messages whatsoever in the dash. Phew, that sure was nerve-wracking for me.

2nd-row seats to join the 3rd-row seats in the basement at work.

Here they are, waiting to be sold. Wish me luck!!!

This is a photo of my interior before I removed the rear seats.

The center console is huge. It’s so big that if I had an emergency and I was in the back, I would have to go outside to get in the driver’s seat. I don’t think a ten-year-old can make it up there. I know that I can’t!!

So some of my co-workers took most of the console apart today.

The Center console took apart.

I still want it shorter, right above the two cup holders. So I called Dan Rose at Mr. Spoiler, and he told me to come by this afternoon to have a look at what they might be able to fabricate for me. He’s the man that took care of both of my Scion XBs and is absolutely anal about his work. I wouldn’t even consider doing this if I didn’t know him and his work.

Part of the console

Can you believe all the plastics that came off of that console? It fills my entire trunk.

I have another hour of work, and then I’ll head out to Mr. Spoiler to see what he can do for me.

I’ll have another update tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

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